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Samco Agricultural break into the Chinese Market

Limerick company partners with DuPont to bring their Maize Planter to the Chinese market

The Sunday Business Report celebrated the success of Irish based compay Samco Agricultural last week. The Limerick based company has been growing in strength since it's formation in 1997. Samuel Shine invented and patented his Samco 3-in-1 machine. This machine was developed to improve the climatic conditions for Maize Corn seed when it is growing. We'll leave the technical details to the specialists, Samco:

"The Samco System involves the use of a 3-in-1 machine that sows Maize Corn Seed, sprays a pre-emergence herbicide on the soil and lays a thin layer of degradable mulch film over the soil, increasing air and ground temperature and protecting the young seedling from adverse weather and late frosts. The Samco System can be used in a range of climatic conditions depending on the customer’s requirements. 
Samco is not only a machine manufacturer they also  manufacture the degradable film for their system. Samco are actively involved with other companies in the research and development of mulch film types, maize corn varieties, and weed control formulations with many trials carried out each year to ensure customer satisfaction."

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